Fresh Look - Our Novelties

With our novelties we prove again and again our feeling for new trends, fresh looks and contemporary ambience.

As a supplier of hand-painted pictures and hand-made art objects, we have been setting new standards for over three decades. This continuity and our trend awareness are highly appreciated by our customers.

Absolutely Popular - Our Bestsellers

Our bestsellers not only have what it takes to become real evergreens in interior design, they also offer excellent value for money.

imageLAND Acoustics: for best ambiance

Whether it's a puristically furnished practice or an open office where many people go about their work every day and the noise level is correspondingly high - with acoustic murals you literally kill two birds with one stone. Our acoustic pictures are aesthetic sound absorbers that "swallow" certain frequencies and sound reflections.

In this way, the overall volume is dampened and disturbing reverberation in the room is reduced, so that concentrated work and pleasant conversation are possible. imageLAND Acoutics consist of a high-quality aluminium frame, sound-absorbing material and a printed acoustic cloth.

Always with the best motif - Our mirrors

Mirrors are a fantastic option to bring light and design into the four walls at home - positive side effect: with the right size, they give the room a new dimension and make it seem more spacious.

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